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i need help, flickering objects rx 570.

Question asked by angeh on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by manihashah

i understand it is difficult to pinpoint what could be the specific thing thats causing a certain problem in a hardware/software situation but if i dont ask my questions and inquiries in here then where can i do that right? after all im using an AMD product so im trying to find solutions as a consumer for my products which i shouldnt even be needing to do so incase it is the gpu at hand or something else.

going back on topic, i recently obtained this rx 570 gigabyte 4gb gaming card, and ive noticed that when it gets on heavy load the gpu behaves in a specific aspect, like flickering objects/enviroment/shadows around the screen, ive used DDU serveral times to try different drivers, from the new recent driver, to the non so recent, im getting a little suffocated already with this i should be able to jump in and game with no problems or overthinking about what could be wrong, but its not the case, im actually already upset because i dont know whats the problem! and since no  one is actually telling me what should i do ive been trying myself so hard to find solutions for the problem at hand.

i posted a video a few days ago about battlefront 2 showing flickering objects/shadows/artifacts/ idk what to call it!

Battlefront2 graphic glitch - YouTube  specific times in which this occurs: second 37,52, 1:10, 1:22,1:32,till the end of the video

now i tested evil within 1 on high and i noticed flickering in certain zones.

Flickering object evil within - YouTube  times: second 10, 16, 28, 34.


i also ran OCCT for the gpu test, i have no idea if i did it right but here it is either way..: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

and today i did OCCT test on the psu with fear of getting it destroyed too but did it either way! again idk if i set the configuration right but here it is: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


and with that, thats all i can say if you tell me that i need to run other test, do x thing, DDU again try another driver i will do it without a problem, i just wanna know whats going on...this is frustrating.

my system:

radeon rx 570 gigabayte gaming 4gb

Radeon Software Version


asus bm85-e/csm motherboard

cpu i5 4590 3.3ghz

4x2 ddr3 1600 dual channel gskill ram

win 10 pro build 1709

psu evga 500watts 80 white plus.

im not trying to make people mad or sick of my post, but i should be allowed to be pleased with what i purchase, thanks again and i hope someone can help me out or sort out this situation.