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    Ryzen 1600x, temps and spikes



      I see a lot of threads, but none with all info in single thread.

      On load with prime95 CPU, there was not such spikes. Spikes occur when CPU are used normally. ON load after 2 hours temp was 74.35C /Ryzen Master utility/. But when I stop prime, temp goes down with spikes again.


      What confuse me is that spikes are always 10C difference, never other amount, which looks to be normal. I ask also because I think, that I put too much thermal grease. If I clean and put little will I remove this spikes?


      I see that 1600x version have 20C more, so on prime 74.35C and Ryzen shows real temp of 54.35C?



      Cooler is Thermaltake "Riing Silent 12 Pro" Red

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          simeongg, I suspect you are fine.  Many here complain when their Ryzen is lightly loaded and temperatures vary.  Here are your specifications:


          Unless your TIM is coming out, no problem here.  You have 2oC headroom.  The temperature that Ryzen Master (RM) shows is the correct value.  AMD confused many with its offset nonsense, so look at just the CPU temperature shown by RM.  It is the reference, and please ignore other free applications.  Enjoy, John.

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