still GPU + CPU troubles

Discussion created by fabio_gi on Oct 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by tnarine-amd

2.4.1: finally the combined rendering (gpu+cpu) works. on my machine it give me some appreciable results in matter of time

2.4.2 mojave-friendly version: no more GPU + CPU available, it give any kind of error starting rendering.


Time reduction on 2.4.2 is pretty ignorable in my case, maybe because of my timing is such great in general comparing with other settings, most probably something not that regular that I don't know how to face.


EDIT:  this version seems to mess up with Maya preferences, I've to delete them and restart Maya several times to make it works properly again.

Sorry guys, but at the present state this plugin is barely usable.


iMac Pro Xeon14 Vega 64