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the new update for Radeon 18.10 is corrupting my pc

Question asked by antonyshibu on Oct 14, 2018

Hi Guys,


                 LAst day i updated my driver software from 18.5.1 to 18.10 and it really messed my laptop....When i was installing the new update ,During the installation of display driver my pc restarted and showed a message "Your PC ran into a problem and an error code - SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" i thought it was my pc's problem So i took to the shop and fixes it for 600INR and they updated all the driver and again during the installation  of radeon software this problem came -"YOUR PC RAN INTO A PROBLEM" So i Updated my driver into 18.5 nd  the problem solved ....So i dont know if this problem is for you guys but  i think amd would take necessary actions  for it ..the new update is really corrupted......Thank u