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So... *ahem* Wheres the Ryzen 2920X?

Question asked by warsun on Oct 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by warsun

Yeah that 12 core upgrade i was hoping was gonna only be around $300.00 US. You released the Ryzen 1920X at $440.00 Which like i said is too much for something going into a desktop computer. But you did it anyway. So now you upgrade! YAY! New upgrades for the people UM... Where is the Ryzen 2920X then? I want to remind you guys i am gonna use it for gaming but i will also be using it for file compression an decompression. The faster the less time i need to be on the computer.


        So i am asking now. Are you improving it? Are there problems? Is there gonna be a discount sale at the end of the month promoting the product? Some question would like to be answered if you would be so kind.v Also again. Drop your prices. I am not joking. In the long run. Selling more increases your popularity an you sell more. The sales numbers are very important. No sales due to just being too high in price will hurt stock investments. Just saying. If i where in charge. Things would be different.