How to remove Storemi from HDD after removing 'fast tier'?

Discussion created by tylerfreeman87 on Oct 13, 2018
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I need to reinstall windows and decided to uninstall my Storemi NVMe and HDD config. Windows is on a separate dedicated ssd drive but I would rather use my nvme/hdd as normal for when I reinstall (multiple reasons for this for instance i'd like to dedicate games on the NVMe and recordings on the HDD, access the drives on a network with another machine and I'd like to save CPU cycles as my motherboard seems to throttle the 2700x as it is and i've been getting some instability.)


Anyway, I removed the 'Fast' media successfully using the storemi software ' - but I've noticed in task manager and disk management that my Toshiba 6gb HDD drive is still showing up as Disk:1 & Disk:2 under the label 'AMD T00 StoreMI' and seems to still be using Storemi?




Found it really hard to search for an answer  how to uninstall Storemi (just seem to get the 'remove fast tier' guides) and how to set the HDD to act as normal (and as one entity in disk/task manager) and/or uninstall its StoreMi. Would I need to reformat the entire 6TB? I hope not as I can't really back it up (but it is mostly just Games).


If you want to uninstall Storemi for both drives after being tiered - what is the next step after removing the 'fast' media?


Any help would be very appreciated!