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New 2990WX C5 boot code.

Question asked by misterj on Oct 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2018 by misterj

I have just powered up my new build and can only get a quick C5 error - 0xC0 – 0xCF OEM BDS initialization codes. BDS is Boot Device Selection.

Here are my specifications:

MSI X399 MEG Creation, TR2 2990WX , 3xSamsung SSD 970 EVO RAID0, 4xSSD 960 EVO on Aero Xpander, 1TB & 500 GB WD Black, G.SKILL [Flare X (for AMD)] F4- 3200C14Q-32GFX, Windows 10 x64 Pro, Enermx MaxTytan 1250 Watts, Enermx Liqtech TR4 280 CPU Cooler, Radeon RX580, BIOS ?, AGESA ?

I flashed the UEFI to the latest but no help.  I hope someone can offer some advice from experience.  Thanks and enjoy, John.