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HDCP disabled

Question asked by fxv300 on Oct 12, 2018
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I Need to use Netflix 4K UHD via EDGE browser or NetFlix Windows App (both support 4K).  This was working for me with the same hardware approx 1 month ago. Now it has stopped working. I have reloaded BIOS, swapped HDMI cable but it does not work and HDCP shows as "Disabled". As a test I loaded an old driver 17.7.1 and on that one HDCP Current status showed "Enabled". However that driver does not support DRM3.0 which is a prerequisite for UHD 4K Netflix streaming. As I said I had managed to get Netflix 4K working on this rig about a month ago with 18.x.x driver and as far as I know I have not updated the OS or any drivers. This morning I installed 18.10.1 but the issue remains.

I have many screenshots if they would help.


I have logged a support issue with AMD.