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Game performance on Legacy driver after Win 10 updates.

Question asked by youssuf_garelt on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by pokester

Games performance after Win updates. - Microsoft Community

To be honest and fair. I don`t know what to do.

I was playing till that ominous creators update which ruined my games for me.

The reply from Windows support is that the AAA technology is taking tall on my legacy HD Radeon 7600M. and one user claimed it would get even worse with future updates.

Can`t downgrade to Win 8. Can`t even install Win 10 without the windows update works and downloads and install the new updates and I can do nothing about it. 

All the games have the same issue. flickering, stuttering and weird font resolution.

Happens with all of my games even FIFA 07. FIFA 18 was working fine and I was able to run on low settings just fine till the creators update. The game doesn`t even launch now and my money was wasted. FIFA 19 demo is the same story.

AC Origins with 79 hours of playing time till I got the update and after it, ruination. all the same for Black Flag, AC III, Unity and Witcher Wild Hunt. Even FIFA 07 yet the problem isn`t that severe in it as I`m able to play just and only just with the flickering.

Please, guys I`m in a dire need of help and support.