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    Stuttering and poor performance in Star Wars Battlefront 2 with R9 Fury


      Sometimes, I experience low performance and micro stuttering even though previously the same area had no issues. Mostly on large open areas.


      CPU: i7-4790k

      VGA: AMD R9 Fury

      RAM: 16 GB

      OS: Windows 10 1803 and now happening with 1809 as well

      Game: DX11, 1080p, Borderless and Fullscreen mode, Low-Ultra settings (tested every graphics settings), FOV: 85

      Tested drivers: almost all Radeon Software from 18.5 to 18.9.3.


      I attached a few screenshots, I'm using the in-game frametime monitoring tool and RTSS+HWINFO to display the framerates and GPU, CPU usage (the game stutters without these tools running as well).

      The GPU usage is 100% but as you can see it's only 49-53°C - usually when I have high framerate and the GPU usage is indeed 100% the GPU temperature is above 60°C. It's like a utilization problem and the card is not fully used.

      When it works I get a steady 60-100 FPS. I also have a freesync monitor - at first I thought it's a freesync-related issue, but it was happening even when I disabled freesync in the monitor OSD.

      I also reported this on the game's bugreport forum, because I'm not sure if it's a driver or game related issue.