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AM4 socket capabilities?

Question asked by alonzotg on Oct 9, 2018
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My primary machine (this one) is pretty happy with it's 1800x right now.


My secondary is still using an A10 Kevari... I recently ran 3Dmark on it and it was scoring about ~450 on TSE:CPU.. =0


So It's time to get serious about upgrading that. I'd like to move this motherboard down and build a threadripper here, but in meditating on all possibilities, I'd like to re-check some of my assumptions about the AM4 platform. IIRC, it has 20 pci-e lanes coming off the socket, 16 of which go to the first slot, and the rest go to the chipset and whatever where much bridging and switching takes place and lower bandwidth connections are provided to the rest of the system.


Where can I get information to double check this? My current motherboard is an A350 micro-ATX which was selected to be a "most appropriate fit" solution to the assumption above. I have no reason to change anything on this current setup, but my memory of the specs of this stuff is getting kinda iffy and I want to refresh my knowledge, especially if I go around designing systems for people, I want to make sure I know what I'm doing when I steer ppl to specific choices.