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    Radeon HD 7700 Win 10 freezes when attempting to "Turn off display"


      Dell Optiplex 3010

      A21 BIOS (latest), Bios settings to default
      i7-3770, 16GB ram

      Win 10 Pro 64-bit, in a domain

      Radeon HD 7700 (18.9.3 Adrenalin)

      Dell P2414H (x2) monitors connected via displayport


      Windows 10 hangs attempting to "Turn off Display" after 15 minutes. Screens are black. Unable to wake up. Cannot remote in or ping.
      If "Turn off Display" changed to Never, no hangs.


      Uninstalled AMD drivers. Same issue with generic windows drivers. Reinstalled AMD drivers. Same issue.

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          Does it crash with just One Monitor connected?


          Does it crash with a previous AMD Driver?


          Does the GPU Card have one DP port and are you using a DVI or HDMI to DP adapter for the second monitor?

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              More info:

              The video card is a VisionTek Radeon 7750 2GB DDR3 2xDP. Purchased new from ProVantage earlier this year.

              Win 10 is last non-recalled version 1803. (not Oct 2018 - 1809)

              Setup of this PC was done earlier this year with single monitor. Did not notice this issue at the time. Just put in production and this issue immediately became apparent!



              1. Using only one DP monitor results in same behavior.

              2. Have downloaded previous driver (18.5.1), will uninstall current (18.9.3) and install it later today.

              3. GPU has 2 DP ports.


              Again, work around is to set "Turn off display" to "Never" and manually turn off monitors (if user remembers).

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                  First I highly recommend Visiontek. I purchased a HD 7850 and two of the GPU Fan fins broke after a few years. They sent me a new Cowl with Fan and Heatsink free of charge even though my Warranty was voided because my card was too close to other cards in my computer. They sent it because I was a customer of theirs and would do it this one time only and to keep the customer happy.


                  Can you explain what you mean when you said "Just put in production" when you first started noticing the problem?


                  On my computer I needed to disable "Sleep" function in Power Options for the same reasons (version 1803). For some reason when the computer went to sleep It wouldn't wake up and I needed to do a hard Reboot. In the new version of Windows 1809 (Windows 10 Pro)  I have it enabled again and it seems to be working again. 


                  I also have PCIe Link disabled in Power Options.


                  It is beginning to sound more of a Windows problem than a GPU Driver problem if you installed both previous and next to last latest updated driver with the same issue.


                  NOTE: I notice your Dell is a business related rather than a Consumer related PC.


                  By any chance did you update all of the DELL COMMAND Drivers for 2018 including the MONITOR : Dell Command | Monitor | Dell US  from Support for OptiPlex 3010 | Drivers & downloads | Dell US  .This software seems to apply for computers connected to Servers and running Windows Server OS.


                  Also the DELL CHIPSET even thought it says it is for Windows 7 but it is under Windows 10 Driver: Support for OptiPlex 3010 | Drivers & downloads | Dell US


                  Intel Chipset Driver

                  Chipset30 Mar 2018 Download

                  Importance: Recommended

                  Version: ,A04

                  Release Date: 07 Dec 2011

                  File Name: DRVR_WIN_R304291.EXE

                  File size: 8.07 MB

                  Description: This package provides the Intel Chipset Driver and is supported on Latitude, Precision and OptiPlex models that are running the following Windows Operating Systems: XP, Vista and Windows 7.

                  Restart required


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                      1. By "put in production" I meant it went to a user. It was set up months ago and set aside until there was an opportunity to switch out another computer

                      2. Yes the latest chipset drivers were also installed when the bios was updated to A21, I should have mentioned that.

                      3. Yes, the Dell drivers for the P2414H were installed.

                      4. The 18.5.1 drivers exhibit the same behavior as latest 18.9.3.


                      Additional information:

                      • Initial setup was done with a single Asus PB238 monitor, displayport connection. I did not notice this issue; however I likely didn't leave it idle w/o being logged in (see next item).
                      • If a user is logged in and the display timeout is exceeded, the system will "wake up" via mouse or keyboard.
                      • The freeze apparently happens only when the computer is idle with no one logged in -- as soon as the display timeout is exceeded and Win 10 turns off the displays, the system freezes.


                      I concur that this appears to be a Windows 10 issue, although I'm surprised I can't find any references to this issue. Plenty of other win10 display issues, but none that I could find with this description. I will wait for 1809 to be made available again and attempt the upgrade.


                      Thank you very much for your assistance.

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                          Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I can tell you are very knowledgeable and have done everything to fix the problem.


                          Since this seems to be a Server connected Computer maybe by asking at this AMD Forum for Users using Windows Server OS might help in someone finding an answer for your problem. It won't hurt to post your question there: AMD Server Gurus


                          I was just wondering if by any chance the Windows Server OS might have something to do with the problem since it happens before the User logs in which is why I recommended the above AMD Forum.