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New RX560-4GB crashing intermittently.

Question asked by maxdfw1 on Oct 9, 2018
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Hey everyone, not exactly sure which part of the forum to post this, mods feel free to delete this if it's in the wrong place. I thought I'd try here after searching around on google, reddit, youtube, and several other places and couldn't figure out what is wrong with my PC.


-AMD Graphics Card


-Desktop or Laptop System


-Operating System

Windows 10 64bit Pro

-Driver version installed

Latest as of 10/9 (18.9.3)

-Display Devices

Acer 23" monitor HDMI to HDMI on RX560

-Motherboard + Bios Revision

Gigabyte AB350M-DS3H - all chipset and bios up to date as of 10/9


Ryzen 2200G, stock clocks with wraith spire cooler + arctic silver five TP

-Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage



Corsair Vengance DDR-4 2400 4GBx2 kit




I just recently installed a new RX560 4GB (with a 6pin plug that is plugged in) in my system to game with. I was previously using the built in APU on my 2200G. Now that I have a graphics card in my system, I am getting all kinds of issues from black screens to reboots to driver failures to full lock ups that require a manual reboot. Sometimes my game will freeze then go to a black screen. Sometimes it hangs there and forces me to manually reboot the computer, sometimes it turns off my monitor and tells me no input and I have to manually reboot, sometimes it just reboots my computer immediately.



Before I had a dedicated graphics card I had zero issues with this system.



I have checked the event log and have these errors:


"Warning - Display - Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." (this happens about 2-4 times a day, both while gaming and browsing the web)

"Distributed COM - The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID" (like 20-30 times a day)

"Critical - Event 41 - Kernel Power - The previous system shutdown at 3:19:47 PM on 10/9/2018 was unexpected." (this happens about 1-2 times a day while gaming)



This is all while playing Forza Horizon 3 (the only PC game I currently have, I built this computer to play it)






So far I've tried:



-full wipe & reinstall of windows 4x

-ssd diagnostics tool

-memtest for 8 hours, no faults found

-PSU test with OCCT

-Updated bios, changed CMOS battery, ensured nothing is overclocked or altered

-Furmark GPU stress test for several hours

-Furmark GPU & CPU test at the same time

-Prime95 test for 30 minutes

-wiping all drivers with DDU and trying both older drivers and newer drivers (currently on 18.9.3)

-Fully updating all windows updates and chipsets and everything else I could possibly update the drivers on

-Ive tried a spare 500W PSU I had, same issues, same reboots and freezes

-Reseated the ram, the psu cables and CPU, even got a new cooler and TP for the CPU


Does anyone have any suggestions? Things I should try? I don't have another PC to put the graphics card in unfortunately.