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My reference Vega 56 doesn't work with drivers 18.3.4 or later, I've been stuck using 18.2.1 for ages.

Question asked by engineer80 on Oct 8, 2018

I got it when it was released last year and been happy with it.


But ever since 18.3.4, the driver that fixed compute / mining by combining the mining optimized driver to the main adrenaline, the GPU would just not work. It artifacts with spots on the screen during installation of the driver. Once I restart, the PC is stuck in Windows 10 loading and just hangs there, cannot even boot into Windows. Have to repeat it twice to get into safe mode which works.


Then I have to uninstall the newer drivers and put back 18.2.1 and then everything works fine again.


Any ideas?


Windows 10 version 1803.


Intel 2600K + Z77 motherboard.


Something about the compute driver that really mess it up, since I get the exact same artifacts and lock up when using the beta mining drivers back in 2017.