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( my solution ) crashing games  on the ASUS RX570 strix OC 4GB CARD

Question asked by longlinerv8 on Oct 7, 2018

Okay I bought the ASUS RX570 strix OC 4GB four days ago. without knowing it with the latest drivers of the amd site downloaded and installed on my PC.

I am a fan of the game Euro Truck Simulator 2.

when I just went into my game and i was in game for a  two and a half hours, my game flipped to the desktop ?@!# ***

I thought it was strange. I started looking for solutions on google. searching for forums here too people were talking about aplication errors on the wattman

oke wat i did



1: i reinstall my windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

2: after that windows have installed (DO NOT UPDATE WINDOWS FROM WINDOWS UPDATES!!!)

3: i take drivers in the CD / DVD which is included with the card i put it in de cdrom install the drivers rom the disc (ONLY THE DISPLAYDRIVER!!!)

4: after that is done update windows to service pack 1 (sp1)

5: install steam for most gamers who have steam and than install your  favorite game that you like to play

note that

6: only one thing do not open the entire amd radeon driver application


for my is it still working . and I hope that I can help you all with it

and I do not know if it works on the other RX series

now is it waiting from amd