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Ryzen 3: High video consumption and failure. How to solve?

Question asked by hiarleyribeiro on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by k1ng4rthur

A few days ago I noticed some flaws in my video. At first I thought it was the drives, but I installed several drives of Ryzen 3, and still the problem persists. The GPU reaches 100% consumption and the Vega 8 also. But there is a problem, in the AMD system monitor is not recognizing my Vega 8, but in the Windows 10 system monitor yes. I was able to take screenshot of the problem, which eliminates a failure on the monitor, or even on the motherboard. Consumption reaches these absurd numbers only with Google Chrome open, which is not normal. What do you tell me to do? Must be some problem in the drive? What solutions should I take?