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Wattman not working 18.9.3 drivers. Cannot overclock my GPU.

Question asked by squadalah on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by squadalah

So my overclock is not applying in game. Here is what I've done.


R7 1800x

Rog b450-f

16gb tridentz 3000

Seasonic focus plus platinum 750w

Rog 570 4gb


Clean install.

No third party overclocking software

Latest 18.9.3 drivers

Temps at 78C out of 90C


I go into wattman and setup my overclock. Power limit is maxed out. I have tried this with both on and off.

Core clock is set to 1350

Memory clock is 2000

I can get the memory clock to stay at 2000 consistently.I have no third party applications installed. I cannot get it to maintain the max core clock speed. I turned up the limits for temperature and power. Voltage control is set to 1150

The core clock will stutter from the mid 1200s to under the core clock. It does this no matter the setting.


If I'm loading a benchmark, it'll run at max core clock, but when the game starts it drops to near stock overclock or under it. If I increase the core clock it makes no difference. The only software I've installed by ASUS is their sonicstudio 3, aura, for my motherboard and audio drivers which runs in the background. I'm under the interpretation it keeps reverting to the stock overclock even though it's overclocked in AMD and to my knowledge I have no third party devices influencing anything installed. Can anyone help?