Upgraded to a Vega 64, now mouse polling is an issue?

Discussion created by corbin1729 on Oct 6, 2018
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Here's my specs:

i7-8700k overclocked to 4.9Ghz

Windows 10

32Gb DDR4 Ram at 3000Mhz

Gaming 7 motherboard

18.9.3 radeon software


So I had a GTX 1060 and decided to upgrade to a Vega 64. I bought it used on ebay, it's a Powercolor version with a single fan. It's a little dusty but after install it appears to work. Games run at 4k on my freesync monitor, but now there's an issue with mouse polling. At 1000 the cpu is running 100% on 2 cores, and frame rates drop immensely. I had to lower the polling to 125 and there is still issue. I did not have this problem with the GTX 1060. I know it's not a bad CPU, it's literally one of the best on the market right now and it's overclocked. What the hell is going on? I tried making sure the nvidia drivers are removed. I've used software to help clean up those drivers.


I'm almost about to restore my windows 10 and try to do a fresh install, but that would mean reinstalling a lot of games and some are modded and would be difficult to bring back to where I have them set at.


I've tried looking up the issue and the only answer i've found was that it's mouse polling, but an i7 with a Vega 64 should be a great combo, I shouldn't be having a mouse polling issue disturbing my FPS.


Here's a video of the issue Vega 64 upgrade, and now mouse polling is an issue, wth? - YouTube