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    new RX 580 runs without issues only at -7% GPU frequency (hopefully not)


      Hi everyone!



      I just bought a MSI RX 580 Armor 8GB, which replaced my XFX R7850 2GB (ran flawlessly, e.g. GTA 5 at comparably low settings).

      With the new card, my PC blackscreens and restarts infrequently at seemingly random points in various games (not run-time being the issue, but rather actions or game situations).

      For testing, i started Furmark (1920x1200): After seeing the fuzzy donut for a split-second, blackscreen and restart (bsr).

      I also installed the Demo Version of 3DMark running Fire Strike and it would exit (bsr) at a specific point of the test (confirmed multiple times during testing) .


      Some research pointed me to AMD Seetings -> Wattman Global. My modifications of GPU frequency lead to an adjustment of -7.0% at which both Furmark and 3D Mark ran without issues. At -6.5% Furmark would produce blackscreen + restart after less than 1 Minute of runtime.

      At -7.0% i am able to play GTA 5 without issues. I tested various graphics settings to look at a broader variety and optimize fps. GTA 5 did auto-adjust its settings on first start after install of new card, so it wasn't initially run on old settings.



      GPU-Z showed me GPU temperature did never reach 75 C and assuming the temperature can't get from 42C (the idle-value now) to higher in that split second of furmark, that shouldn't be the issue. My previous 7850 worked flawlessly with its factory setting, so i assume everything else is not the problem (power consumption aside). No OC whatsoever on any component.



      Can i do some other settings to get closer to "intended settings" = "expected performance", i don't care about OC?

      Is this a case where i should RMA the card?



      MB   :    MSI Z87-G45 GAMING

      CPU :    Intel Core i5-4670K 3400

      Screen: Eizo 24 L HD2441W-BK

      RAM:    8 GB

      GPU :    MSI RX 580 Armor 8 GB (previously XFX R7850 2 GB) (Driver 18.9.3)

      Sound:  Creative X-Fi

      SSD:    3x Samsung SSD 256 GB 840 Pro

      PSU:    NesteQ ECS 7001 700W 80+

      OS:      Windows 7, 64-Bit


      Now the old GPU needed two 6-pin power cables, this needs one 8-Pin. I used the old 6-pin which had an additional cable part and plugged that the (i hope) only feasible way into the card. I guess if that wasn't done right, nothing would run, but just to give all info.


      Appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you for your help.