FYI: Minor Start Menu bug in Windows versions 1803 and up - "ms-resourceappDisplayName" Orphaned Menu Entry

Discussion created by elstaci on Oct 6, 2018

If you updated your Windows OS to the latest version and you find "ms-resourceappDisplayName" in the Windows Start Menu. This is most likely an Orphaned Menu link to a deleted or corrupted Windows or System App. 


If the Orphaned Start Menu entry is to a Windows App. Then it is possible to fix by uninstalling and installing the App again or going to Windows Settings and hitting "Repair" or "Reset" on the particular Windows App having the Orphaned Menu entry.  Or you can use Powershell commands to delete the APP and reinstall it again through Microsoft Store. System Apps are not meant to be deleted and may be vital to the Operating System. So if your Orphan Menu Entry is linked to a System App it is a good chance there is not fix until Microsoft patches the OS in a future version.


In my case, I have an Orphan Menu link to Microsoft Contact Support in my APPS Menu. It is shown as "ms-resourceappDisplayName". This seems to be a System App and not a Windows App. Microsoft Contact Support was replaced by "Get Help" App in 1809 Windows version. Thus Microsoft Contact Support was deleted but not the link. That is the minor bug.


I have spent several hours including a Ingrade Repair of Windows to get rid of the Orphaned APP Menu entry to no avail. There is no trace of Microsoft Contact Support files in my computer (WindowsAPPs and SystemAPPs Folders) nor in the Registry after deleting everything through Powershell and Registry Editor program.  Yet when I input APPSXPACKAGE -ALLUSERS in Powershell, It shows Microsoft Contact Support as "Pending Uninstall" yet it says it can't be uninstalled even though there is no trace of the files on my computer as verified by Microsoft Tech Support.


The first level Tech Support said that Asus, my motherboard manufacturer needed to update the BIOS which is why is caused a corrupted Windows Installation. I mentioned that my Asus Motherboard was End of Line and will no longer have any more BIOS updates. She thanked me for the heads up advice  and added the information to my ticket to the escalated Second Level Tech Support person. I also mentioned I had no problems with Version 1803 installation or running the OS in my computer. I also don't have any repairable issues with versions 1809 except the Start Menu bug.


Finally decided to contact Microsoft Tech Support through the "GET HELP" app in Windows. Chose "CHAT". They said they won't charge me for this Support this one time. I just spent two hours with a escalated Second level Microsoft Tech Support who I allowed full access to my computer and he finally gave up and said I have to wait til the next Windows version upgrade. He said this was similar to the Start Menu bug that they are aware of from other Users. In Microsoft Forums many Users are complaining about this one bug. Some are able to fix and others like mine are not fixable.


For Information only if you see this Orphaned Menu entry.