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AMD R9 380 (as supplied by HP in OMEN PCs) - driver availability

Question asked by krzemien on Oct 6, 2018
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I have been experiencing TDRs (116 bugchecks) and 141 LiveKernelEvents whilst using this card on my 1.5 year old HP OMEN 870-095na Windows 10 x64 PC and latest available driver (17.7) as supplied by HP for this card - R9 380.


Driver - OMEN by HP 870-000 Desktop PC series | HP® Customer Support


Both were happening only when PC was left unattended in logged-off state for some time. They do not happen when using PC normally - or perhaps playing some rather dated games / doing benchmarks / GPU tests. So although annoying, kind-of manageable.


With recent 1809 update deployed earlier this week however I also started seeing these upon restart (fast boot is enabled) - or started experiencing black screens and frozen PC, which requires hard-restart. Which is not great.


I am entirely aware that it's not the latest AMD driver that is available for this card, however any attempt to get it updated via AMD installers to either of these two (18.5.1 or 18.9.3):


AMD Radeon™ R9 380 Drivers & Support | AMD


is initially successful - drivers & software gets installed and does seem to work correctly - however not for long, as Windows thinks that installed driver is not a correct match (GPU is recognised as R9 200 series rather than proprietary R9 380 series card) and installs its own rather old driver (despite me explicitly having it blocked in Device Manager).


So, my question is: where do I go from there? Are there any plans @ AMD to either:


* supply correct / latest driver to Microsoft so more up to date driver version / software packages can be used?

* correct information in OEMxx.INF files etc. to ensure that my hardware is recognised correctly and is not overwritten by Windows?

* work with HP to get the more up-to-date driver available for this card / PC?


I will be raising this with HP as well although I'm mindful that HP seemingly stopped using AMD GPU hardware in mainstream PCs some time ago - and taking overall HP attitude not sure how successful I am going to be.


Any thoughts / responses will be most appreciated.