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    Driver installation issue


      Greetings, i have an old pc that i want to upgrade with a gigabyte radeon r9 270, it runs ok until i try to install the driver, in the middle of the installation the screen shut down, as i though it would normally do when youre installing display drivers, but then the pc restarts and it wont boot after, entering in a loop.i enter safe mode and then device manager and the radeon r9 200 series driver show up. i have to uninstall it so i can get into windows again. i tried DDU for a clean driver uninstalling but it still doesnt work. ive cleared cmos and even a clean windows installation. the version im trying to install is adrenaline 18.9.3

      PC specs:

      amd phenom II 1055t

      4gb ddr3

      gigabyte ga 880 gm usb3

      128gb ssd

      500w psu

      thanks for your help