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AMD Raid Controller not working on Windows 10 Install

Question asked by iatudorei on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by vip.vooo

Hello all,


I am having issue with getting my NVMe RAID 0 array in Windows 10 install even though I am loading the driver.

The RAID 0 consists of 2 Samsung 970 PRO 512 GB NVMe drives, mounted on a Zenith Extreme motherboard flashed with the latest BIOS firmware. Used the latest download on Windows 10 ISO.

I set up my RAID 0 in the RAIDXpert Utility in the BIOS, everything looked good. I proceed with loading Windows 10 x64 Pro OS install, when I get to the drives, both NVMe's show up there.

I then proceed to load the rcbottom driver, it loads pretty fast, both NVMes dissapear ofc, then I proceed with loading the rcraid driver. It takes roughly 7 minutes to load and, to my surprise, no virtual drive is showing after it finished. I figured that maybe it also needed the rccfg driver, which I load, and still no virtual drive. If I try loading rcraid a second time, I then get a blue screen on the Windows install.

I then installed Windows 10 on my 3rd 2TB 970 Evo NVMe. After installing RAIDXpert2, the drivers get installed, I then reboot and, surprise, the RAID0 virtual drive appears, so not really sure why it won't work during the Windows 10 Install.