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R9 M375 4GB, black screen in games and freeze for no reason.

Question asked by iwillsolo on Oct 3, 2018

everything was running fine but now games freeze my whole system while i run it on the amd card (have intel iGPU) and also sometime it doesn't freeze the system from first attempt i keep playing i got black screen for 4-5 second then the game recover it happens 2-3 times then boom freeeeezeeeeee


i got that message once "default radeon wattman settings have been restored due to unexpected system" while a black screen on *league of legends* but i know my card doesn't have the wattman option and aslo i didn't get that before or even after it happened only oncelivekernelevent 141




Solutions I've tried :


Re-install the drivers
Use different / older drivers
Update to latest drivers
DDU and then re-install (old or latest drivers)
Using AMD Clean up tool and then re-install (old or latest drivers)
Resetting the bios settings (for no reason already on default)
tried other games / tried to re-patch my game and reinstall it ........etc
event viewer show some livekernelevent 141, and livekernelevent 144