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I have a problem with my RX460 losing hdmi connection

Question asked by bigbirdwpg on Oct 3, 2018

My system is as follows:

The tv is a 55" QLED Samsung.  I connect my ASUS based PC with RX460 card via HDMI to my Marantz SR7005 receiver, from there to the QLED tv.  Works great, but if I switch source away from the PC to any other HDMI source, when I switch back to the PC the screen is black and only rebooting the PC or power cycling the Marantz receiver will get the PC image back.  If I connect the PC using the onboard Intel based connection, I don't encounter that problem.  Seems to be a RX460 issue.  BTW I had an RX560 that did the same thing.  Anyone know what can be done?