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    CPU Virtualization Enabled Causing BSOD


      im having a Bluescreen right on the windows logon screen.

      the Blue screen shows ONLY when i enable the CPU Virtualization in Bios with the following Error Message :  amd ryzen master driver.sys crashed.  i did not install the app ! i found the dll cousing the problem and removed it from the startup list then i got another blue screen with the message IOSA.dll crashed.. smh i removed that too then the windows booted but then al lthe Asus drivers crash.. like 4 error messages and also cant oped VMware.


      Ryzen 5 2600

      ASUS TUF B450m

      2X8g Corsair 2400

      NEW windows 10 pro

      Note that all Drivers and Bios are up to date.


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          Heres an update :

          i deleted all the drivers and AMD\ASUS Apps and drivers and installed them all again and that didnt help.

          after i ran out of time and options i installed Windows again and manually installing the drivers (not through the Asus tool) it worked.

          now i have the Virtualisation enabled and all drivers installed and everything working ok.

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