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    Getting errors on install for Linux


      Been trying to get into RPR again, and I may just be too dumb to get it to install the proper way.  Yes I have followed the guide, installed from terminal, but last time I installed I had a module that would not load from a python script from RPR and it wouldn't get added to Blender, and this time this is the error, and would not get added to Blender.

      Any help would be most appreciated as I would really like to get things going with this again.


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          Are you using the official build or a nightly build of Blender?  One thing I've noticed is the nightly builds don't use the same version of python so it might not work.  We only officially support the official builds.

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              Well I think I have 2 problems. I am not using the nightly builds, I did

              try with the 2.79 master and 2.79b versions with the same outcome for

              both.  But on an earlier attempt, I had the issue of the ffi portion

              missing from one of them earlier, so I know that was a build issue with

              Blender.  I seriously have had no luck with installation of RPR for

              Linux, Windows 10 was working fine up to version 1.4, but RPR after that

              would not run, and I'm running a Ryzen 1700, but an nVidia GTX 970.  I

              just don't know what happened after 1.4.


              I was wondering if it is important to install with sudo, but if so I

              have gotten the same result, and I have followed the instructions on the

              web site.


              Any help is appreciated.