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System with radeon drivers and card is not stable

Question asked by klimatronic on Oct 2, 2018
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Recently I have bought Sapphire AMD Radeon Rx 580 Pulse 4gb, and installed it in my pc. (pc specs: Gigabyte b450m DS3H, Ryzen 5 2600, Hyperx 8gb 2666 MHz, WD green 1tb HDD, Kingston A400 120Gb SSD, Antec HCG750 gold 750W, Windows 10 latest update). Before that, the system was running normally with Nvidia Quadro 4000. I deleted the drivers with DDU, then load the Radeon Adrenalin 18.5.1 drivers. There was an error during installation, so I cleaned the drivers and installed them again. After 5-10 minutes, the screen went black, the computer didn't go to standby mode, but just stopped working. After several tries, the PC was acting the same, freezing and screen went black after 5-10 minutes. I tested the card in another computer running on windows 7 and it was working perfectly. I have another Radeon card Gigabyte windforce  R9 380 4Gb, and gave it in my pc. I cleared all the drivers with DDU and installed latest drivers for R9 380. The system was working 10 minutes, then the same issues occurred(screen went black, no error sound). And this all happened with little to no load at all (I was browsing on Chrome).I tested the R9 380 in computer with windows 7 and it was running without issues. I then gave my old Quadro in again, installed the drivers, and it was running without crashes. Same system(windows), nothing was changed, nothing else was installed, just the card was swapped.


Thank you, and hope you find the solution,