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Having an issue with battlefront 2 on my rx570, faulty card? Or driver? Or just the game?

Question asked by angeh on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by angeh

I recently came to use my new Rx 570 and I wanted to test it just to make sure it's fully functional which I hope it is, but I came with a situation in a game : star wars battlefront 2 from ea , I was playing on the endor map from the campaign on the tie fighters platform when you are about to escape , anyways when I begin that section out of nowhere and very randomly some textures from the map started to move very quickly and then disappeared quickly like a three popping infront of my character, that specific place is soreounded by threes and bunch of other items, anyway it was some kind of popping? Flickering ? Artifacts? Idk how to actually describe it with words or how to distinguish them tbh , but I decided to came over to make sure it's not my card being faulty specially since I just got it and I bought it overseas.. I'm using the driver 18.5.1

If anything else is required let me know.