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FirePro 2270 Blank Screen & Video TDR Failure

Question asked by merman1 on Oct 2, 2018



I have a dual screen setup using this video card.

Need some help with finding a permanent fix for this video card problem. Started ever since Windows 10 1709 update.

Seems the system does not display anything after the final reboot for any Windows 10 feature update. To get my dual screen setup to work I have to apply the latest driver which is:

ver: 15.201.2401.1010


Issue #2

Recently the screen started flashing and turning blank. To get my displays back I would have to force power down and restart.

However, recently, i get the flashing and then a blue screen with the following message: Video TDR Failure  What failed: atikmpag.sys


Hardware: Dell Precision Workstation T1700, AMD FirePro 2270 512MB Video Card, 2x4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM non ECC, PSU 255Watts, Intel Core i7 4790

Software: Running Windows 10 1803 with all latest patches


What have i tried:


For Issue #1

To get my dual screen setup to work has been the following:

1. Disconnect the dual screen dongle

2. Plug in a VGA Cable

3. Reboot computer

4. Go to AMD website and download latest FirePro 2270 driver (Jan. 2017 is the latest)

5. Install driver

6. Reboot

7. Plug in Dual Screen dongle. You will hear the new hardware chime

8. Shutdown PC

9. Disconnect VGA Cable

10. Dual Screen works.



For Issue #2

  • I deleted the driver using the AMD Catalyst removal tool,
  • Made sure Device Manager says Generic Microsoft Driver for the Device
  • Reinstalled a fresh copy of the FirePro 2270 full software / Driver
  • Notified Microsoft Feedback Hub



  • I noticed the FirePro 2270 Driver has not been updated since 2/2017. Could this be an issue with the latest Windows versions?
  • Downgrading to older version of the driver does not work. The display is blank and I cannot get it to work.
  • Currently - I am back to using a single monitor and VGA. Getting tired of troubleshooting this problem. Please help!