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RMA Question: What Should I Do Now?

Question asked by freitag29 on Oct 3, 2018
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My Ryzen 7 2700x is out for RMA and I got this email yesterday, not really sure what it means, or what's happening as I've reached out to the support rep I was working with twice with no response so far to any of my inquiries. If an AMD support rep wants me to PM any info I redacted out of the email I'm happy to do so.





This is a confirmation notice from AMD Global Customer Care with

regards to Cross Ship Warranty Request RMA# [redacted]. for your AMD

retail packaged Processor(s) in a Box.



Product         Serial#         Result







This is to confirm receipt of your defective product which you shipped

back to us as part of the Cross Ship Warranty Replacement.



This completes this transaction and we thank you for your business.



Best regards,



AMD Global Customer Care.