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FirePro M5800 and Windows 10

Question asked by wuffzack on Oct 1, 2018
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Hello to all,



I have a question. I`m still using an HP EliteBook 8540w mobile workstation which. Now I made a clean install with Windows 10 and have now problems with the FirePro M5800.


Windows 10 recognizes the FirePro as a 'Mobility Radeon HD 5000' which is of course wrong.


So I downloaded the latest driver from the HP Homepage (for Windows 7 64Bit) and was also able to install it manually. Now Windows 10 recognizes the FirePro correctly but Microsoft Edge crashes all the time.


When I set back the driver to the 'Mobility Radeon HD 5000' Edge is working again without any problems. 


So I think that there is an incompatibility problem with the driver and Windows 10.



Now I read in Internet that a beta driver for the FirePro M5800 exists which also should be compatible to Windows 10 but can`t find it anywhere. Is that true and where can I download it?



Thank you very much for your help in advance!