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    Magento 2 Add Field to Custom Checkout Extension


      With Magento 2 Add field to Checkout Extension, you can create and customize additional fields to intake more valuable information from your customers while they place an order. Also, it offers 8 different field types to help you easily intake a specific form of information from your potential customers. Magento Checkout Attributes extension allows you to setup input validation for the fields you create to ensure the users enter correct form of information. Customers can get to know about the options they have opted in email invoices and PDF documents. Select store views and custom groups to restrict the display of additional fields to specific users of your  store. Provide tool tip information to elaborate the purpose of a custom attribute when a user position mouse arrow on it.

      Using input validation you can select the data to be:

      • Decimal number
      • Integer
      • Email
      • URL
      • Letters – Alphabets
      • Alphanumeric - Letters (a-z, A-Z) or Numbers (0-9)

      Offers 8 different checkout fields:

      • Text Area
      • Date
      • Yes/No
      • Multi-Select
      • Drop down
      • Radio Button
      • Checkbox
      • Text Field



      Key Features


      • 100% open source with free lifetime upgrades
      • Sets you free to add custom fields on checkout pages
      • You can show the additional checkout attributes in email and PDF
      • Display fields on a specific checkout step like billing address, shipping address, Shopping method and payment or review method


      For More Details and Demo - Magento 2 Add Attribute To Order Extension




      1_custom_checkout_fields_order_attributes_extension.png 4_custom_checkout_fields_order_attributes_extension.png