Current Optimizations of Mobile Hardware

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Dear AMD Community,

     My name is bryan switzer I have spent my life building, using, modifying hardware from all companies for years, from intel 8088 to current ryzen and intel 9th gen.

looking for employment has been difficult since I have no experience in that field so I've been shooting in the dark until I get a reply. AMD is my first Choice I have several friends who work for or used to work for intel "its not a good work energy experience".


I'm so proud of AMD, but there is SO much room for improvement,


Math has been a little off for a while , but it has been on purpose to protect us.


I'm going to be honest. by understanding the physics of heat/lack of heat to metals and compounds to discover that everything is limited to around 40% to 60% of what it actually can do per power pulse through device then modifying power systems and regulation then REPAIRING your shuffled software...


I have a


My First SoC et


130Watts TOTAL

Tests done at 33c OutSide under a Easy Up Tent.




Intel I7 4810mq  "8,742" Passmark 9  52c - 65c \

AMD HD 8790m / R9 290XM / FirePro 4120w "1,932" Passmark 9 42c - 65c / SINGLE FAN SHARED COOLER

16Gb 1600mhz DDr3 "2,472" Passmark 9 32c - 40c |

16Gram CAlumaHair Custom Heat Extraction system.

CCustom Solid State config.


Took me 2 days to fix the INTEL integrated GPU/Northbridge to operation in sync with Bus to get 1:1 Pcie 3.0 at 8x

Fine tuning the power profiles for EVERYTHING because I discovered if you get the whole system at a even TEMP it gets FASTER, ALSO SOME SYSTEMS CANT OPERATE AT COOLER THEN SPEC DO TO DESIGN CAPABILITY. which sucks, meaning It has to WARM UP lol...


Entire System is cooled from capacitors to mosfets,

I can do far more, but she's an old system chips are warped...







plays every game on medium 720P  "62 - 100Fps"


CPU does some vertex Ram can do some physics you catch my drift system runs perfect in all temps.





I need more hardware to perfect...


cough cough, R9 Nano or if you could a VEGA 56 it can be defective as well I don't care I can repair it as long as it not CHIP or PCB damage.



oh yeah, intel went double cell processor architecture cough cough,...