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RPR 1.7.217 mac: Photoshop files work in preview but not in final render

Question asked by voidcore on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by voidcore

I used a psd file as a texture and it worked fine in IPR but not in final render. Have tested a few psd files with the same result.

From error log in terminal when running ./blender -d


pyrpr.CoreError: RPR call ContextCreateImageFromFile(<pyrpr.Context object at 0x12d39da58>, b'/Users/me/filepathHidden/file.psd', <pyrpr.Image object at 0x14a985828>) returned error code <ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_IMAGE_FORMAT<-8>> with error message: 'b'Unsupported image format  //// FREXCEPTION : FILE=Cache/SimpleImageCache.cpp LINE=653 ERROR=-8 ////''




is something else


mac 10.13.6

blender 2.79b

rpr 1.7.217