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    FPS Unstable/Unreliable


      I have an odd problem in which after what feels like a random point in time, I will lose FPS in all games.  Just as an example, I'll be fine in For Honor or Overwatch, even at high graphical settings, but when experiencing the issue, I will drop to about 20-30 FPS, sometimes lower with enough effects on screen.


      The only fix I've been able to find has been to roll back to a previous graphics driver, or if I've already done it, to install the new optional driver.  I have to do this every few weeks.


      It's gotten super annoying and I just want stable performance from my card


      (Radeon RX 570)


      What can I do to try and diagnose what is causing this and how I can permanently fix it? Even totally uninstalling and reinstalling drivers (or using the "Clean Install" option from the installer) isn't working.

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          Hey. I am having the same problem, except that I have to do this every single day. I have an rx 570 4gb, ryzen 5 2600 and 16gb ram. I am thinking of formatting my hard drive. Is this a good idea? Also, since this was 2 months ago, have you solved the problem yet?

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              Actually, yes. There was an included software package called Aorus that came with my card. It was meant to let you overclock the card easy and on the fly, letting you set up different profiles for stuff like your fan speed and wattage.


              I actually contacted Blizzard technical support, under the context that it was an issue with OverWatch. They recommended I uninstall it. I haven't needed to reinstall drivers since, so I think either I had that program misconfigured, or there's something about it that causes performance to become unstable.