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    FPS Unstable/Unreliable


      I have an odd problem in which after what feels like a random point in time, I will lose FPS in all games.  Just as an example, I'll be fine in For Honor or Overwatch, even at high graphical settings, but when experiencing the issue, I will drop to about 20-30 FPS, sometimes lower with enough effects on screen.


      The only fix I've been able to find has been to roll back to a previous graphics driver, or if I've already done it, to install the new optional driver.  I have to do this every few weeks.


      It's gotten super annoying and I just want stable performance from my card


      (Radeon RX 570)


      What can I do to try and diagnose what is causing this and how I can permanently fix it? Even totally uninstalling and reinstalling drivers (or using the "Clean Install" option from the installer) isn't working.