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CPU cleaning fluid in the pins.

Question asked by horserank on Sep 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by horserank

Hi there,
I made the noob mistake of holding the CPU in my hand while cleaning, the Arcticlean thermal material remover went down my thumb/fingers onto the other side.
The pin side is now discoloured. I'm guessing the fluid has not evaporated and is still there.
After having a read on the product's website I felt like I needed to apply the 2nd bottle to remove the bad stuff, only now I have more liquid on the backside.


In this other thread, it's mentioned about the cationic surfactants.
thermal paste went into the ryzen 1700 pins
"I would be really leery of using a product that uses "cationic surfactants" to rinse the area.  The reason being, cationic implies charge (positive charge) and also implies and aqueous solution.  It is highly likely that the cations will be left behind when the solution evaporates and may interact with the metal.  In an area design to conduct charge (The pins of a CPU) that could be a problem.  A high purity organic solution that will evaporate clean is preferable."

Arctic Silver Incorporated - ArctiClean


I feel like it's game over for this CPU, and so do you have any info on whether it will be safe to use again.


Is there another solution I could apply to remove the surfactants? and then use a hair dryer?


hopefully can be sorted, although I do have installation insurance and is within the timeline so can get the CPU replaced.


Thanks for your time.