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3 displays on Radeon HD 6800 Series (DVI, HDMI, MDP)

Question asked by khevyel on Sep 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by fsadough

I am at my wits end on how to get 3 displays to work with my AMD Radeon HD 6800. I have looked through other people's threads with similar issues but none really helped.

The displays I have are:
BenQ GW2406Z (HDMI, VGA DisplayPort 1.2) 1980 x 1080

Acer G247HYLbidx (HDMI, VGA, DVI) 1980 x 1080

XP-Pen Artist15.6 (USB-C - HDMI) 1980 x 1080

The Radeon 6800 has 2 Mini-DisplayPorts, 2 DVI and 1 HDMI.
I have bought a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 Active Adapter and connected it with the BenQ.
I connected the XP-Pen via HDMI.
And connected the Acer via DVI. I also tried a HDMI to DVI Adapter on this one.

And it just doesn't work. One monitor will always end up displaying "no signal". What am I doing wrong? I thought it should be possible to use 3 monitors via an Active Adapter on the Mini DisplayPort? Or does is specifically have to be an active Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.2 Adapter and to HDMI does not work? Do I have to activate something somewhere? I also can't seem to find a driver for 6800 Series on only 6850 and 6870, however my device manager tells me my 6800 driver is up to date.