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    Ryzen 2400g 3D Bluray Plaback




      since 3 Days I try to look a 3D Bluray with PowerDVD on my PC. APU is Ryzen 2400G.

      It seems to me that the APU only send a 2D Viedo to the TV.

      What make I wrong?

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          Do you have the latest PowerDVD Patches installed from Cyberlink Support: PowerDVD Updates | CyberLink


          The patches make Cyberlink PowerDVD compatible with the latest Windows versions and Blu-ray technologies.


          What Windows version do you have installed?


          Here is the latest APU Ryzen Driver from AMD Download site : Radeon™ Software Adrenalin Edition 18.9.3 Release Notes | AMD


          Here is how to set up your 3D Blu-Ray to your Television using a PC from Cyberlink Support: 3D Zone | CyberLink


          Download Cyberlink's HD Blu-ray Advisor diagnostic program (Free) and run it. It will tell you if your Computer is able to run 3d Blu-ray video using Cyberlink PowerDVD. CyberLink Blu-ray Disc Support

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              I have the latest update of PowerDVD and the latest Ryzen Driver Installed.

              The 3D Advisor tool shows at CPU Ryzen 2400g and says that Ryzen cpu is ok for 3D, but at graphics it shows Vega 11 (APU) and says its not support 3D.

              Everything else is ok for 3D.


              The Cyberlink site don´t show How to setup a 3D Bluray to PC, it show only old Hardware from 2010.


              The Ryzen should have VCN (UVD) so it should be possible to use MVC? Is it a Driver Problem?



              THE OS is Windows 10 64bit

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                  What it seems to be saying that the CPU part of the APU will work for 3D but the Graphics part  won't. In another words you don't have a GPU (Integrated) that supports 3D.


                  I don't believe it is a Windows issue. I can't answer your question as to why it shows the Vega 11 not compatible with 3D viewing. I suggest you open an online AMD EMAIL SUPPORT Ticket and ask them it the graphics part of the APU  (Vega 11) is compatible with 3D viewing from here :  Email Form  .


                  Give them the requirements needed to see 3D from Cyberlink Support and the results from BD Advisor and see what they write back.

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                I downloaded the Cyberlink BD Blu-Ray Advisor and ran it on my computer. It seems to be accurate for this latest edition.


                For normal Blu-Ray it passed and says I can play Blu-ray videos


                For 3D Blu-ray everything passed except It says I don't have a 3D Monitor or Television which is true.


                For UHD Blu-ray it failed in both GPU and Monitor plus it says I don't have a UHD Blu-ray player on my computer. Which is also true.


                By the way, I have installed the latest Cyberlink PowerDVD 2017 with all patches.

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                  Here I am for the same reason.

                  When I'm trying play a BD3D, PowerDVD says that I do not have an appropriate 3D monitor for this (which is not true)


                  My setup:


                  APU 2200G

                  Windows 10 v1809

                  Latest Adrenalin Software

                  Latest PoweDVD v18

                  Connection type - HDMI

                  Benq W1070 projector


                  I would like to understand who is to blame? The problem is that the graphic part of the APU/drivers does not support the output of video 3D Blue Ray anymore.

                  Or is this problem of Windows with their next “break everything that works” update?

                  If the first, then what is the position of AMD? No 3D video support because 3D is no longer fashionable. Or should we expect support in the future drivers?