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      OC benching & gaming!


      3Dmark TIME SPY


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      CoolerCooler Master MA620P
      MotherboardMSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
      MemoryTeam Group Dark TDGED416G3000HC15ADC01
      GraphicsSapphire R9 Nano
      Disc Drive 1Samsung 850 256GB PRO SSD
      Disc Drive 2Samsung 850 500GB EVO SSD
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUSilverstone ST60F-TI
      CaseNanoxia Deep Silence 5 rev.B
      MonitorPhilips 28" LCD-MVA
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          I really want to know this, thanks for sharing its features.

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              No problem. Would like to clock the ram higher but I'll wait until MSI release future bios.

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                  how's that nano holding up?

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                      Its good enough for my gaming needs that's for sure. But I only game at 1080P on 60Hz monitor... .

                      Even enabling VSR for 2K or 4K, it still holds it's own.

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                          If you purchase another second hand R9 Nano or even better a second hand R9 Fury X and use it as your primary GPU you could run BF1 4k Ultra settings in DX12 multiGPU. It runs well for me. Not many games out there need more than 4GB of HBM bandwidth. I didn't go for Vega 64/56 yet, but DX12 MultiGPU/DX11 Crossfire is keeping me pretty happy for 2K/4K gaming at the moment. You could probably get a good 2nd hand R9 Fury X for ~ 250 now. Prices have dropped lots in past 2 months. 

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                              Thanks but no, Fiji architecture was pretty good for it's time & it's still OK for AAA titles released in last few yrs. I'll wait for Navi to come out into retail channels & make my mind up then.

                              But the R9 Nano is one of the best GPUs I have ever used. It's TDP efficiency is still competitive by today's standards.

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                                  Sure fair enough. it was only a short term suggestion. R9 Nano was/is definitley underrated. New GPU pricing and availablity is starting to look good now.  It seems there is now excess GPU inventory since Mining boom stopped earlier than expected. That inventory will have to be sold off first or written off. GPU prices have dropped and also both gaming deal bundles. I think Vega 56 is a good GPU for gamers and at current prices seems best Perf/$. Don't think Navi AIB cards will be available until late 2019 / early 2020.