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AMD RADEON R9 290 Dual screen issue

Question asked by rybson on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by rybson

Dear AMD and users,


Recently I have installed FACEIT AC (antycheat) for tournament games on FACEIT site. Unfortunately, since I have installed it my dual screen crashes. When I'm starting CS:GO and I have no drivers(AMD GRAPHIC) it works normally with 2 desktops and FACEIT AC app turned on. However as you can see on the video - when the drivers are installed and when I connect second screen somehow my screens are "connected/merging" and they become one big screen. Then resolution settings changes and both screens become one big screen. It is shown as SYNCMASTER (which is name of my additional screen) with resolution 3200x 1024. Since then when I start CS:GO its displayed on both screens at once which is horror.

The resolution that I have on PC normally is attached on the screenshot:

Left monitor(syncmaster 931BF) 1280x960

Right monitor (Samsung S22D390) 1920x1080

Resolution in game 1280x1024, 4:3, full screen.

When the crash happens so: CS turned ON, faceit ac ON, I can hear voice of unplugged device – then screen are connecting/merging and it’s impossible for me to enjoy my graphics card. Additionally, I have win 7 x64, my friends use the same things cs:go + faceit with 2 monitors on Nvidia – and it works fine.



Please help, I don’t want to unplug second screen whenever I want to enjoy my favorite game :/

Additionally, whenever I want to fix it (permanently) I have to reinstall drivers


Best regards