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[Ubuntu 18.04, AMDGPU-PRO] Which card would work flawlessly with four or more attached monitors?

Question asked by mdfe on Sep 27, 2018
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I have asked in another thread whether some old legacy status cards could be used in a current Ubuntu 18.04. After a lot of trial and error with both nvidia and radeons and 12+ hours wasted I  finally gave up and thanks to user goodplay here I realized that I have asked the wrong question. The right question should have been: Which current AMD card - if any - works flawlessly with Ubuntu 18.04 if you want to build a multimonitor setup composed of four or more monitors?


Looking at Radeon™ Software for Linux® 18.20 Early Preview Release Notes, one can easily see under AMD Product Family Compatibility the list of currently supported cards.


But I know three things:

- looking through this forum, not every supported card will work as peachy as mentioned list would imply (example: )

- older, legacy status cards definitely won't work in Ubuntu 18.04 as evident by the response of goodplay from my previous thread: [Ubuntu 18.04] Several old radeostandardns together with amdgpu driver for multimonitor still supported?

- one monitor should always work, but deviating from the norm and using four or more monitors has always caused problems regarding drivers (Ubuntu) for me.


Which card should I buy? Must be one single card with multiple connectors. More VGA/DVI connectors, less Displayport as active adapters are expensive. Don't require much gpu power, as I am not a gamer. Work/surfing. But it needs to work in an actual setup, not just theoretically and just because some compatiblity list says so. Anecdotal evidence is ok.

Has anyone here a more advanced monitor setup running in Ubuntu 18.04? More than just the conventional dual monitor setup? Which card worked for you?


Would be very thankful for any answers,