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GPU Rendering Option Missing from Blender 2.79 under Ubuntu 18.04

Question asked by pwalker on Sep 26, 2018

I just recently installed Ubuntu 18 LTS.  Previously I had Ubuntu 16 LTS working properly.  I have been trying to use the latest stable version of Blender (2.79).


For Cycles renderining, my Radeon WX7100 no longer appears as a device in the User Preferences.


It says that v18 comes with AMD drivers, but I did download and install the latest amdgpu-pro drivers.  I also installed some possibly missing ocl packages.


I remember last time there was a option for amdgpu-pro... but couldn''t remember.  Read the install script for amdgpu install and found what I needed.


amdgpu-pro-install -y --pro


Seems to have fixed the issue.