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    Registration problem


      Hi, I have problem with installation of Radeon ProRender for Blender 1.7 on win 7 (64bit). During install when I click on register nothing happening just infinite loading. So I cant proceed with installation. I have try many times but same result. Reinstalling Blender and downloading ProRender again didn't help. I have try to manually register on amdsurveys.com and received code but when I type code in same problem - infinite loading. Please help needed. Thank you.

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          So when you put the code in the installer freezes?  That is odd. No other user has had that problem.  Can you post a screenshot?

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              Hi bsevery,

              thank you for helping me. I will try to explain best I can... on screen_1 I can access main site or documentation, so Internet is working (I have try with explorer, firefox, opera). Screen_2 Hardware check is ok. Screen_3 I just click next and it is ok. Screen_4 I click on install and it is ok. Screen_5 If I click on register button, nothing happening, just infinite loading (cursor circle). I have try to manually register and put code, but it is same thing. I cant click next, cancel, or exit. Only thing I can do is manual shut down through windows task manager. Even if it is running hour or two, it is same thing. I have latest amd drivers 18.5.1. I don't know what could be problem. Thank you for your help and time and I wish ProRender would work...






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                  the exact same issue with the installation of prorender as I am having have the latest drivers , have also tried this on chrome , and has to be ended by task manger ,

                  Driver Packaging Version


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                Ever Get the Problem Fixed? I am having the same issue. Just on Win10(64bit)