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does ryzen 2200g work with xfx hd 7850 2gb ghost series?

Question asked by lucasghartmann on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by elstaci

Hi, my name is Lucas, i'm from Brazil. I work in a computer shop, assistance and computer selling, a client bought a CPU + MOBO + RAM kit (ryzen 2200g + GA-A320MA-M.2 + 8GB CORSAIR 2400MHZ) from a famous store in brazil, it worked completly fine untill he wanted a better gpu to play more demanding games, he bought a used xfx 7850 2gb card,  when we try to install the offboard gpu the computer wont give any kind of video on the monitor, keyboard's numlock lights up, windows boots and everything except the video aparently works, we tried putting in a gt 730, it worked, we tried a 780ti in it, it worked but with screen glitches, we searched the web and found some guidances to disable the igpu that ryzen haves, did that nothing worked, what could i do to make this rig work?