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    RX 560 Triple Monitor Issue and HDMI Issue


      I have two issues with the following triple monitor setup and my RX 560 card under Win 10/64:


      LG 27UD58B 4k Monitor connected DP - DP

      Samsung 28UE590D 4 Monitor connected HDMI -  HDMI

      Panasonic TX-L40EX34 FHD TV connected with DVI -> HDMI cable


      Probably since the last few driver updates under some conditions (e. g. rebooting, sometimes after sleep) the system hangs with black screen. A

      fter unplugging the TV and rebooting, Windows starts up normally. When windows has booted, I am able to plug in the TV and all three screens work fine.

      As I have exchanged one Monitor (from an LG 22" FHD to 27" 4k), it might only be an issue with both 4k screens. With 4K/FHD/FHD TV it worked fine.


      Second issue is HDMI Sync on my Samsung 28UE590D: The Monitor regularly loses sync (1 second black screen), when connected to its HDMI 2 port (HDMI 2.0), connected to its HDMI 1 port (HDMI 1.4) it works fine, but only with 30 Hz refresh rate. I currently have changed the LG's and Samsung's connections (LG HDMI, Samsung DP).

      Until now, no sync issue @ 59.9 Hz.


      Is there a perspective to get fixes for these issues?


      Best regards,


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          Here an update after one month:


          The "exchange" of monitors (HDMI/DP) did not help. Both monitors connected via HDMI show sync issues with 59.9 and 60 Hz. Only 30 Hz works stable. During my switching experiments, sometimes I was lucky and I got stable 60Hz. But after PC wakeup, the issue returned: Regularly black screens.

          Also tried new HDMI / DVI-HDMI cables (both compatible for 4K/HDR). No effect.


          October update 1 seemed to work slightly more stable (update ran flawless), after updating to october 2, the PC stopped with black screens during the update process with all three screens connected.


          BTW: I once got an information after "bad" bootup with black screens: Radeon Winman (or the like) has crashed, default settings applied.


          I have to use HDMI 30 Hz and it is necessary to disconnect the TV during booting.


          I'm not really happy about this....