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    Radeon Pro WX2100 fan noise is really loud any fix?


      I was brought a Radeon Pro WX2100 as a birthday gift. I installed it today including all drivers yet the fan sounds really aweful and loud. Is it a deffective fan? Im unsure and did wonder about returning but as the wife lost the reciept and its been over a year we cannot do so. :L I use a Radeon r7 370 and unfortunately does not support the radeon Pro render.

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          Fan Control in AMD Radeon Pro Settings : https://drivers.amd.com/relnotes/fan-control-user-guide.pdf .


          Try controlling the GPU Fan thru the Fan Control in AMD Radeon Pro settings so that is won't run so high and thus not being so noisy.


          Inspect the GPU fan and see if it is dirty or loose or if something is obstructing it like a computer cable.    


          Also describe exactly the type of Fan Noise that is so loud. Is it like a bunch of marbles grinding together or a grating noise or is it just a loud whirling clear sound?


          Copied this from a old website concerning fan failing: Signs of a Bad Computer Fan | Techwalla.com



          Computer fans are designed to run quietly in the background, allowing them to complete their tasks without providing much of a disturbance to the user. When a fan becomes faulty, it will occasionally begin operating more loudly, either with a rattling sound or an audible hum. These sounds don't necessarily mean that the fan is failing. It is possibly the sound of something that has become lodged in the fan or that the fan has come loose. Taking the computer to a professional is the best course of action the moment a fan becomes noisier. It is also important to note that fans are usually designed to function with more intensity when a computer starts up or shuts down. More audible sounds from the fans are expected in these instances

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