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    Thunderbolt 3 on AMD X399 Threadripper




      Since i also follow eGPU discussion and hardware, i'm glad to report this link where it shows a TB3 device finally allowed on other platforms: Thunderbolt 3 on AMD X399 Threadripper + RTX 2080@32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 1803 [theitsage] – Build Guides – Ex…
      Thought it would be nice to report here, especially if one need TB3 support for TR workstation.


      This is a great feat for both side:
      -Add a common professional I/O solution to TR platform as daily drive I/O solution.
      -Allow TB3 devices to grow popularity among the platforms, with dual USB 3.1 and TB3 flexible capability.
      A nice feat to leverage, kudos for making it happen.