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    Gigabyte RX 580 Aorus overheat VRAM memory run 2000mhz max in @idle mode.


      Edit: I am running at 240hz and according to some posts this is a bug that isnt being fixed? what can i do to lower VRAM speed at high refresh rate?

      Edit 2: Apparently the issue is caused by running a 240hz monitor over display port and a 4k TV on hdmi 2.0

                -Removing the 4K TV dropped VRAM to 300mhz idle,

                -Switching to 120hz from 240hz dropped GPU Clock to 300mhz instead of 600 but my GPU is still very hot backplate 60C+ and gpu core 39C after long idle




      Hello, just as title says my RX 580 Gigabye Aorus Rev 1.1 overheats like crazy non stop, the backplate i can barely touch it in idle, while in full load i burn myself probably 90-100C +

      The only thing i noticed weird is that the VRAM memory in idle does not downclock, while gpu clock goes down, this means that the memory must be the culprit that overheats the backplate like that, since even when gaming the gpu core doesnt go over 65 ever@ 100% but the backplate is burning 100C+.


      Is this a driver issue or what? i flashed the latest Gigabyte BIOS but that didnt help.

      Is this how RX cards are designed? or is mine broken? or a driver issue? should i send it back to warranty? what can i do to make the memory downclock?


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        • Re: Gigabyte RX 580 Aorus overheat VRAM memory run 2000mhz max in @idle mode.

          Activate AMD Wattman and see what type of temperature you are getting at idle with the RX 580. Make sure to uninstall any 3rd party software like MSI Afterburner after resetting it to "Default".


          You can configure your RX 580 using Wattman and also to configure the GPU Fan to cool more efficiently.


          Do you have proper Air circulation inside your Computer Case?


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