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    Interactive viewport render in large scenes


      Hey again!

      After using RPR 1.7.212 for about a month now i think that it does a fantastic job. Even interior scenes with a lot of indirect light render blazing fast.

      The same is true for instanced objects at large scale - it's just gorgeous.

      But while in small scenes the interactive viewport starts immediately and works pretty well and stable, even if you change and tweak materials or environment lighting, it takes some time (about 30-60 sec.) to start in larger scenes with a lot of objects and textures. As well, the viewport crashes then when i change something in the scene.

      To me this seems to be the only really counting weak point of RPR at the moment.


      RPR 1.7.212

      BLENDER 2.79b

      WIN 10 PRO

      RYZEN 1700x

      ASUS VEGA 64

        • Re: Interactive viewport render in large scenes

          On the stability front we've made some significant changes recently that I think should help (currently only published for windows).


          With regards to larger scenes taking longer of course that is somewhat expected, but can you attach a scene so we can take a look if it's scaling particularly badly?  One thing I can think of in particular is if you use a bunch of meshes with multiple materials, we have improved that a bit lately.

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